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Fernweh and Heimweh. Fernweh, this longing of being far away, an impulse pushing us forward. Heimweh longing for the past, a power that draws us backwards and lets us observe passed traces. The project  "In-between" focuses on the relation-ship of these two contrasts. The film project deals with the construction of memory spaces, in which borders of the imaginary (“fictional”) and real experience are not easy to differentiate.  The here presented proposal is part of the feature documentary film “Urwälder” that contrasts the individual fate of two women who had to leave their homes repeatedly because of the proceedings and consequences of World War II.

Born in former Königsberg, Ingrid was displaced four years after the war by the Soviets to post war Germany. In the mid 1950's she emigrated to Columbia where she lives until today. The experience of being forced to leave her home many times formed Ingrid’s longing for a place of remembrance that is kept alive by most simple things.


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