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VorkutLag/Vorkuta – a mining town in the Russian polar region. Remembering the Soviet Union in two different ways

Outside Russia, memory of the Soviet Union is often connected to the GULag. The labour camps for political prisoners in the polar town of Vorkuta (VorkutLag) are therefore known in Western Europe. Its remembrance in Vorkuta itself, though, is often confined to family narrative. Apart from a lacking interest to deal with the past within the political arena, another reason for suppressing this memory exists - the images of the prospering mining town of Vorkuta during the 1970s and 1980s. In order to bring clarity into these superimposed memories, students and pupils from Russia and Germany will make out places where conflicting memories collide. By working together with witnesses and key actors in the realms of memory politics, they will be able to make out nuances, taboo-topics and things simply forgotten - all that litters the straightened-out, official Path of Remembrance, yet remains a part of the memory of the Soviet Union in Vorkuta.

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