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Official remembrance of the Bielski Brothers in Belarus, Poland and Israel

Our project is dedicated to a chapter of Belarusian history that was forgotten during the Soviet period - "The Bielski partisans" activities in Stankievichy. Belarus officially recognised their feat of arms only in 2008, while the Polish Institute of National Remembrance blames the group surrounding the Bielski brothers for a massacre that occurred in Naliboki. In Israel, all members of the partisan group are considered national heroes. In our project we will examine the reception and critique of the most famous book and movie dedicated to the issue: Nechama Tecs work "Defiance: The Bielski Partisans"(1993) and Edvard Zvics movie "Defiance"(2008) based on this book, in Belarus, Poland and Israel. The project will also follow up on the post-war fates of two former partisans who are still living in Belarus. So the project can reveal a new perspective on the events in Belarus, Poland and Israel.  

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