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15.05.2010 20:29

"Sniatyn Dis/Continued: Memory of Place and Displaced Memories in Official Representations an Individual Experiences" Project has started for real! The Polish part of the team shortened the full name of the project into "Operacja Sniatyn" what literally means "Sniatyn Operation". From now on for your and our convenience the shortened form will be used.

So, here we are at the beginning - seven students of the Institute of Ethnology, Warsaw University and our captain Ola Linkiewicz. The first meeting was held in the PAN Institute of History, located in the heart of the Warsaw Old Town. We discussed our plans - what should be prepared for the forthcoming sessions and what are the exact obligations connected with the involvment in the project as well as the opportunities that this participation will bring to our personal progress.

While Lviv team-mates were working on the exhibition of photographs of Sniatyn cemeteries (see http://www.lvivcenter.org/en/chronicle/news?newsid=184 ), our main goal was to look at certain topics to be addressed during the next workshops. We also decided who is responsible for visual documentation, exhibition, writing the blog and so on. Rafal had come up with an idea to set up a discussion group at googlegroups.com what improved our communication greatly. What a genius!

You know what they say - the early bird catches the worm...

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