Opening of Exhibition “Routes of Disappearance. Jewish and Roma Memory of Transnistria”

Routen des Verschwindens. Das...

16.12.2010 21:49

We wrote about opening of our exhibition already, but we would like to say else some words.

We want to pay attention to the reaction of people on this public event. It was very interesting for us to see very different people who came to look exhibition. Students and pupils, teachers and researchers, survivors, journalists, members of public organizations. These people were Jews and Roma, Moldavians and Russians, all of them were very interested by our exhibition and first of all by fates of people to whom was devoted our project. They were looking not only photo but were reading the text. It is very important because very often pupils and students didn't want to read anything all the more such terrible stories. After presentation of our exhibition many people came up to us and asked about our work with survivors and materials, told us many stories of saving from Nazi (own stories as well as stories of their relatives). We are thinking, our exhibition was very liked to different people and it is very important for us.


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