Routes of Disappearance. Death and Life in Zhmerinka ghetto.

Routen des Verschwindens. Das...

16.12.2010 21:27

One of our survivors - Riva Molokovezkaja - was born in Vinnytsa. In the beginning of World War II she is 13 years old. When German Nazi came to Vinnytsa they gathered all Jews and led them to the shooting.  Riva and her family (mother, grandmother and two younger sisters) were in this group too. Her mother escaped from Nazi with daughters, but Riva's grandmother was shot.

Riva with mother and her sisters came to ghetto in Zhmerinka where were living their uncle and aunt. During three years Riva's family was living in Zhmerinka under Romanian occupation.

Our team took interview from Riva in June 2010 and then Riva promised to go to the ghetto with us and to show where was ghetto in wartime. In October 2010 our team came to Vinnytsa again. We have taken a car and went with Riva to Zhmerinka.

It was unforgettable and very impressive trip. We were walking along streets in Zhmerinka and Riva showed us every building, every piece of land and remembered about life in ghetto. We found the place where ghetto was begun (up 1st photo), Riva showed a place where barbwire was enclosed to the start and the end of ghetto. We found old synagogue (below 1st and 2nd photos) which was else before War, and during the War  Riva cleaned up this synagogue. Now it is dwelling house and people who are living in it were very wondered to our curiosity and making the pictures.

Also we found a place when was a house of Riva family (it was in front of synagogue). Now instead house we have seen two garages (below 3rd photo).

After that we went around the ghetto and found Judenrath house (below 4th photo). It was the same as during the War but the second floor was built to its.

Riva showed the square where she and all Jews stood some hours and expected from Romanians and Germans any order about their shooting or saving (below 5th photo).

Riva remembered many new details in former ghetto and told us. We ascertained she never told too much details about her life in ghetto and never came to ghetto with another people except her relatives.

It was very wonderful, terrible and expressive story and trip. We would like to show some photos from Zhmerinka ghetto.

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