12.06.2010 22:16

At the beginning of May we released news about our project at the Institute of Ethnology website http://www.etnologia.uw.edu.pl/etno/glowna (for English version see http://etnologia.uw.edu.pl/cgi-bin/blosxom.cgi/english/homepage) as well as at the Polish Academy of Scince site (http://test.ihpan.edu.pl/index.php?id=427). Thus more people got informed about Sniatyn Operation. We are so happy and pleased about that! But still, we do not forget about our duties. Here comes the second workshop during which we will discuss folk religiosity and magico-religious practises in everyday life. Rafal and Tomek volunteered to prepare the first presentation. Nevertheless, everybody is required to read relevant texts listed in the syllabus.

We hope that two members of our team - Tomek and Marek - will make up their minds and take part in photo competition organized by the EVZ Foundation http://www.stiftung-evz.de/eng/funding/photography_competition/call-for-submissions/

The weather is getting better. We are looking forward to having the next meeting outdoors!

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